Training Photos
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The photos below are pictures of some of my exercisesScroll to the right 3 columns...and down.

Rage Cage of The Animal!

1 Board w/ 350 lbs.

1 Board w/ 425 lbs. w/ Fury

2 Board w/ db. Mini Bands

2 Board w/ db. looped Monster Minis

2 Board w/ 365 lbs.

2 Board w/ 465 lbs. w/ Fury (Over Double Body Weight)

3 Board, 375 lbs. with 40 lbs. of chain

3 Board w/ 405 lbs.

Rack Lockouts w. db Medium Bands

Medium Grip Lockouts w/ db. Monster Minis

Reverse Band Press w/ 455 lbs. x 3 Reps

Reverse Band Press 505 lbs.x 1 rep

275 lbs. w/ db. Smalls & db. Minis w/ Fury

Pause Reps

Pause Reps, Incline Bench to the Neck

Neck Raises w/ Harness Strap

290 lbs. w/ 20 lbs. Chains

5 Boards w/ Chains

Speed Bench with a Band Pull Aparts


Dumbbell Floor Presses

Dumbbell Floor Presses w/ Mini Band Around Back

Dumbbell Bench Press w/ Palms Facing In